The 14 yard skip is provided by Britannia skips and is the largest size available for hire.  For this reason, you may consider this 14 yard skip hire only for use by industrial and commercial companies.  Whereas it is true that most of our 14 yard skips are hired for businesses that need a regular removal and replacement, it has multiple uses.

This skip hire is often hired as part of a contract whereby Britannia skips arranges, in advance, pick up of a skip and an instant 14 yard skip hire in its place.  This allows for the company hiring the skip to get on with their own commerce, without giving the 14 yard skip price or hire much thought, as monthly or annual payments can be made automatically as part of the arranged contract.  This skip is perfect for light weight, bulky items that may be part of a company’s constant flow of refuse, such as packaging and card board boxes.

However, the 14 yard skip rental is useful for any number of purposes.  It doesn’t just apply to commercial or industrial use, but can be hired for domestic purposes so long as the property and land it is placed upon is suitable for its size.

How big exactly, you may ask, is a 14 yard skip? 

When wishing to hire a skip, you may be forgiven for not really knowing what size you should ask for to fill your needs.  Besides that, whereas industry’s and shop owners, as well as Britannia Skips themselves, regularly deal with skip sizes in terms of yards, a home owner will not be expected to understand the context of such measurements and scales.  It is better to give you a more rounded out view of what a 14 yard skip rental can do for you.

A 14 yard skip can hold up to 145 full black bin bags.  So, should you be doing a loft clearance, renovation work (I.e. refurbishing and redecorating a room or several rooms in your home), or even garden landscaping, this skip may be the right choice for you.

In times when it may not always be possible for you to get to a local waste disposal site, these skips are the perfect choice when you need to get on with your plans, but you don’t want waste products or debris littering your garden or driveway.  As 14 yard skip hire can be picked up and taken away as soon as you are ready, it won’t sit on your drive for longer than it needs to, even when the refuse is contained within one of our 14 yard skips.  This also means that as long as payment has been arranged via our office, you don’t need to have any contact during the delivery of the skip, or during its retrieval.  As long as our trained delivery drivers have clear access to your property and the location of the skip, he can take care of it all without disturbing your routine.