Finding the Right Skip for You

One of the advantages of choosing Britannia Skips for your skip hire is that we have a wide range of skip sizes. But, how do you work out which is the right sized skip for you?

Here we outline our range of skips and what exactly their best purposes are when it comes to getting rid of waste, whether from building work, house removal, or gardening.

Small: 4-6 Yard Skips
Our smallest sizes are our 4-yard skips and 6-yard skips. The 4 yard skips have a capacity of 4 cubic yards (3 cubic metres), with dimensions of 51 x 53 x 36 inches in length, width and height. In bin-bag terms, that’s around 30-40 medium bags. For that bit extra, our 6-yard skips are 72 x 67 x 42 inches, and offer almost double the equivalent bin bag capacity, and between 60-70 large bags. Both of these options are perfect for both domestic waste and larger scale renovation jobs, tolerating heavy materials such as earth and concrete as well as lighter materials like cardboard and plastic. Our 6-yard skips are also available with a handy drop-down door, allowing you to easily move materials like rubble, earth and concrete in a wheelbarrow and simply spill them into the skip.

Medium: 8 Yard Skips
Our 8-yard skip sits bang in the middle of our range, and is considered our most popular choice of skip. It allows you peace of mind when you’re not sure if our smaller skips will leave you with unwanted waste. Additionally, it is the largest size you will be able to use if you’re disposing of heavy-weight materials like earth and concrete. They measure at 79 x 67 x 48 inches, and can hold an equivalent of around 100 big bin bags. Whilst also able to tolerate these heavy loads from building or garden waste, it is also a valid option for applications such as house clearance, or times where you need to get rid of light, but bulky, waste. It offers that extra space that makes it an ideal choice for most jobs.

Large: 10-14 Yard Skips
It is important to remember that our 8-yard skips are the maximum that can take the heavy materials, so if you select a skip with a size of 10 cubic yards or higher, you need to be aware of what you can and cannot throw into it. All our larger skips are perfect for light bulky rubbish – whether 10-yard, 12-yard, or 14-yard. Our 10-yard skips offer measurements of 79 x 67 x 60 inches, which is the same as around 120-140 bin bags. Our 12-yard skips offer an extra height of 12 inches and allowing approximately 40-60 extra bin bags. Britannia Skips offer a 14-yard skip, which on top of the 12-yard skip has another additional 12 inches in height, translating to an extra 40-60 bin bags (around 160 to 180 bags). When you’re chucking out a lot of stuff – as long as it’s light-weight and bulky – this is the skip you need to hire.

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