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When undergoing building and construction work, it is important to keep as clean and organized a space as possible. For health and safety purposes as well as merely organizational concerns, keeping the floor clear of spare and waste materials is a must. With our reliable skip hire in Ilford Essex services, you can rest assured to keep your building site safe and running efficiently. Today, we will be taking a look at our cheap skip hire, why it is so important to rent a skip, and the services we offer here at Britannia Skip. 

What is a skip, and why do I need one?

A skip is a large container used for depositing and storing waste. This waste can encompass a variety of materials, ranging from glass, to wood, to bricks, and to plastic, to name a few. Once the skip has been filled to capacity, it is then able to be transported safely and cleanly off your property, where the waste inside can be disposed of properly off site. Not only does this keep the surrounding area clear of debris while you work, but also ensures that the surrounding environment is not polluted by poor waste disposal practices. 

Arranging for a skip to be present on the premises during building and construction work is an imperative safety measure. Objects and waste material left lying around can cause accidents, putting you and your employees’ safety at risk.

Rules and regulations surrounding skips

When renting a skip in the United Kingdom, you are often required to meet a list of rules and regulations. 

An important item on this list can be securing a permit; this will allow you to identify to the corresponding authorities that you indeed have permission to store the skip in the place you have chosen to place it. Our team are happy to help and advise you in securing your permit, if needed.

Our services at Britannia Skips 

We offer two central types of skip rental; domestic skip rental services and commercial skip rental services. Both of these options offer a variety of different skip types, including – but not limited to – large skips, small skips, and builders’ skips. These are available either as open-top skips or closed top skips; this may be desirable if the contents stored inside are valuable or dangerous, and therefore needed to be kept away from outside interference. Once ordered, we offer same day delivery, and will collect the waste for disposal at your request and convenience.

Should you be interested in arranging a rental skip for commercial purposes, you can receive a free quote for your business.

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