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Here at Britannia Skips, we specialise in the provision and rental of skips. These are an essential item for any building work or construction site; not only will not having one result in a mess and disorganisation of materials and waste but can even go against safety regulations for the building industry. Our 8 yard skips boast a large capacity perfect for a wide variety of jobs and purposes. Today, we will be taking a look at the 8 yard skip, its benefits and functions, why it is so important to keep on your premises, and the services we offer.

8 yard skips

A skip is a large, open-topped container designed to be filled to capacity and then loaded onto a lorry or truck for easy transportation off site. The skip can then be taken to a landfill, where its contents are disposed of properly and safely. When working on construction sites, it is usual to end up with a large amount of waste material; be that glass, wood, old pieces of furniture, or just general trash, it is important that you keep this neatly secured out of the way. Not only is this better for the environment, but it will also ensure your members of staff do not trip and hurt themselves on any debris left lying out.

This range of skips host an 8 yard capacity, equivalent to 6 cubic metres; this gives them a large volume for holding materials, and a heavy-weight durability that can hold debris as heavy as concrete. For these reasons, the 8 yard skip is probably our most popular skip choice for builders.


What do you need to consider when hiring a skip?

Hiring a skip is an extremely useful service, that can save you time, effort and money. However, it is important that you follow the necessary precautions and legal requirements when doing so. For instance, it is forbidden to dispose of certain substances in skips, such as asbestos or medical waste. You may also be required to secure a permit for your skip, especially if it is kept off your private property and stored on the road, for instance. We are happy to help you in obtaining this council permit.

Our services

Beyond helping you secure your permit we also offer a same-day delivery service. With this, once you have decided on the perfect skip for your needs, we will aim to deliver your chosen skip to your premises on the same day you ordered it. This allows you to get started on your building project as quickly as possible. 

We offer 8 yard skip rental for commercial skip hire as well as domestic skip hire, meaning we have something available for everyone. 

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