London – A City of Innovations, Renovations and skips!


Like any other capital city in the world, London has a vibrant existence.  A business life, social night life, and a thriving tourist scene, London has it all!  And when you have a huge influx of people coming and going on a daily basis, industrial and commercial businesses, accommodation, hospitality and catering services, and local transportation have to make room to accommodate and cater to the ever-changing needs of a city population.

Such is the natural processes of life and humankind, that as we create, change and develop, we will always leave behind a footprint.  The bigger the development and the bigger the venue, the larger that footprint will be.  With every positive development, there is always some cleaning up and waste to control and manage.  What is the time-proven best way to deal with large amounts of waste and refuse? East London skip hire is available to do just that.

Available as part of a contract whereby our skip hire in East London can make skip delivery and skip collection to you on a regular basis, swapping one skip with another, we can provide you with the confidence that your waste management will be handled by a professional company.  What does this mean for businesses?  It means that once a full skip has been picked up you don’t have to think about it anymore, and you can concentrate your efforts on the challenging task of managing a commercial or industrial business in the bustling city of London. 


 Skip hire with Britannia Skips Ltd. means that wherever possible our team will recycle the materials within the skip and dispose of them all in an environmentally kind way. So, whereas we all leave a footprint of sorts, you can rest assured that the only permanent mark you will leave, is the good reputation and relationship you will surely develop with the community and your customer base.

Domestic waste management may seem a more difficult task than ever before. With an increase in the need to care for the environment and to recycle, coupled with the busy lifestyle some homeowners may face, working and living in London, it can seem like a daunting task especially when trying to discard larger items.  We provide cheap skip hire, East London.  So, you can once again rely on Britannia Skips to take care of your refuse, leaving you time and space to enjoy your clutter free home environment.

And when it comes to property development, it can be difficult to know how to dispose of certain waste products that aren’t the sort handled on a normal weekly basis.  Rubble and hardcore can be handled by our skip hire, London based team.  Look at our webpages to choose a skip hire in East London that will meet your needs, or contact the company directly and tell them what you require.

Britannia Skips, East London are happy to support this busy inspiring city as it changes, develops, and grows.

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