For when Smaller Skips aren’t enough, rely on our 6 Yard Skips for Hire

At Britannia Skips Ltd, we understand that when undergoing building or construction work, in the process you will accumulate a lot of waste and debris. It is important to manage and dispose of this responsibly; this is where skips come in handy, offering you a place to keep all your waste products neatly out of the way, ready to be transported off site to be disposed of when finished with. While a standard skip is 4 yards in size, our range of 6 yard skips are ideal for the larger jobs where more space is needed. Today, we will be taking a look at these skips, why they are advantageous, and the hire service we offer.

6 yard skips: What are they, and who needs one?

A skip is a large, metal container, rented out to building companies or domestic homeowners when in the process of undergoing construction and building works. Skips are an ideal way to remove any rubbish collected on site, such as scrap metal, wood, bricks, food wrappers consumed by building staff, and glass. At Britannia Skips Ltd, the 6 yard skip is the most popular size hired out to customers. This size is equivalent to 4.5 cubic metres, measuring 72 x 67 x 42 inches.

Skips are made out of durable and strong metal, meaning you are able to throw even the heaviest pieces of debris or building material in without worrying about damaging or breaking it. You can choose from a plain skip with an open roof, perfect for throwing items into it, or one with a drop down door. This allows you to push the rubbish you wish to dispose of up and onto the skip with a wheelbarrow, where you can easily tip the contents inside.

Our 6 yard skip hire services are available to a variety of customers. We rent to building companies working on building projects, as well as domestically to individuals looking to renovate their houses themselves. Our 6 yard skip hire cost is affordable, making them suitable for both these purposes. With our same day delivery service, we can provide you with a skip as quickly as possible when you need it the most. 

As well as this, we offer advice and expertise on helping our customers obtain a permit from the council for their skip and advice on the best choice of skip according to their needs. Failing to properly place your skip, and to set it up with the appropriate accessories such as lighting, traffic cones, reflective markings, and the name and telephone of the company you hired it from, can put you at risk of earning a fine from your local council. According to the UK government, this can be as much as £1,000. For this reason, our rent hiring service and the years of expertise we provide our customers are highly important. 

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