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As the warmer months approach and we want to make the most out of our properties, there are often lots of DIY projects that create a fair amount of debris, rubbish and rubble that will need discarding.  For small projects, some may decide to travel, each time they have a build up of waste, to their local tip.  However, regardless of the size of project you have planned, hiring cheap domestic skip hire can save you fuel as well as keeping your personal family vehicle clean and tidy, avoiding any damage to the interior.

Britannia skips Ltd offer domestic skip rental in a number of sizes suitable for your purposes. 

For example, should you be planning to do some decluttering of your home and any storage you have on your property, you may choose a domestic skip hire of one of our smaller skips, such as the 4- or 6-yard skip

However, let’s say you have a bigger project in mind, such as some landscaping or extension work in your home, or renovating and redecorating your interior. 

If you had a large amount of stuff that your needed to discard such as an old sofa, bags and bags of garden waste, old panelling, skirting boards, tongue and groove and old fence panels, then you would have to either hire a van to take all of your refuse to the local refuse centre, or hire our larger domestic skip rental, London based Britannia skips have available for hire.


Hiring a van may seem like another suitable solution, however, you will want to make sure that when your refuse is picked up by a man with a van, that you have finished your project and have no more waste to add to the pile.  This also means that refuse and rubbish may have to have been piled up in your garden, or on your drive for weeks at a time.  Having a skip ready to place rubbish into, keeping your drive and home looking neat and tidy, and then picked up when you have completed your project, is a much better choice and solution.  For example, if you place garden waste such as soil, wood and garden cuttings on your drive, when it comes to removing them, you will no doubt need to jet wash your drive and home to remove the muck that’s left behind.

Due to the mess that some refuse leaves behind, most van hire companies won’t be able to remove some items of rubbish and debris from your home.  This is because the vehicle may also be used for other purposes that require a clean mode of transport, such as home removals and delivery.  Therefore, to ensure you have the ability to remove all of your waste, and keep your home, drive and patios clean and tidy while you are making progress on your projects, a skip hire is the perfect solution for all of your renovation and refurbishing needs.

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