Everything You Need to Know About Skip Permits

Before you decide to embark upon a period of skip hire in East London there are numerous issues that you should look to consider. One of the considerations you should have is whether you need to invest in a skip permit, which must be applied for to the local council.

Deciding whether you need a skip permit and knowing which rules you need to adhere to if you do obtain one can be a tricky business. Luckily, here at Britannia, we are experts in East London skip hire and are happy to share our knowledge with you! Below, we have answered five FAQs we face about skip permits so that you can have the smoothest skip hire possible.

What is a skip permit?
If you’re looking to place a skip on any public road it is necessary to obtain a skip permit from your local council (in our case, the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham). This includes residential streets as well as main roads. All skips in the LBBD must be registered with a registered skip contractor such as us as the council do not issue permits to private residents. However, this may not apply to all skips in East London as other councils may issue private skip permits.

When do I need to apply a skip permit?
A skip permit should be applied for 24 hours before the skip is needed, 48 hours on planning permission roads, with same day skips at the council’s discretion. However, you don’t need us to apply for a permit if you plan to put the skip entirely on private land. This might be your driveway or your front or back garden. Of course you will still need us to deliver the skip and remove it at your request.

Can you put my skip on the pavement?
It is forbidden to put a skip on the pavement without express permission. This is because it can disrupt passers-by and prevent people leaving or entering their homes. If any disruption or damage is caused by the skip the council may look to remove the skip and recover any expenses incurred from us.

What safety regulations are there?
We may need to put safety lights and markings on or around a skip in order to keep people safe. These markings may include reflective markings, traffic cones, night-time safety lamps. We must also put our name and phone number on the skip so we are accountable in case of problems. We will interact with the council to find the exact rules for lights and markings in your area.

Will the permit cover multiple skips?
If you are hiring multiple skips we will need to obtain a separate permit for each skip. This way we and the council can ensure that every skip is being used properly.

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As you can see, obtaining a skip permit is a vital consideration before hiring any skip. So if you’re looking for skip hire in East London, why not let do all the hard work for you? Just get in contact with us here at Britannia via our contact page.

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