DO Skip Hire companies recycle?

At Britannia Skips, we provide our clients with a range of different skips for both domestic and commercial settings in various locations. Today we’re going to look at whether skip hire companies recycle, looking into the process of skip hire with Britannia Skips, and how it works. When considering whether skip hire companies recycle, the short answer is yes. Whilst you are likely to be happy to let someone else handle the contents of your skip, it is likely to be important to you and/or your company as to what happens with what you have discarded.

Complete Waste Management

Here at Britannia Skips, we not only offer the skip hire, but we also collect your skips and handle the removal of their contents. We state that we provide our clients with a complete waste management solution, and we believe that in this day and age, this service simply wouldn’t be complete without consideration for recycling. We can offer a same-day delivery and aim to respond quickly to your call once you have filled your skip.

Why Skip Recycling?

Skip recycling is so important as it helps to alleviate any waste that ends up at landfill sites. According to the Recycling Bins website, UK’s current recycling rate is 45%, with 14 million tonnes being sent to landfill sites and 12 million being recycled. However, the rate of recycling is improving, so it is important to carry out skip recycling in order to avoid impacting negatively on the environment, contributing to global warming and climate change.

Type of Skip Hire

We offer both domestic and commercial skip hire, and so whilst we understand that for domestic clients may have individual concerns with skip hire recycling, it could be argued that it is a bigger issue for commercial clients. 

Whilst those running companies may also have individual concerns about recycling, when it comes to running a business it is important to show that you care about the environment as there is potential for a much larger carbon footprint. By being able to say that your skip hire company is recycling on your behalf, you will also be looked at more favourably by any staff or customers involved in your business.  With skips available for hire between 4-yards and 14-yards, we are pleased to offer recycling to our customers.

How Skip Hire Recycling Works

Here at Britannia Skips, we aim to reuse and recycle as much of the contents of your skip as possible. It may also be possible to recover any remaining waste that cannot be reused or recycled as ready-to-use fuel, avoiding as much as possible any waste going to a landfill site. We handle all your waste once you’ve filled your skip, where we will sort, recycle and use your waste for renewable energy.

Council advice
Whatever your reasons for needing a skip, it’s important to contact the local council in order to gain the correct licence permits to place your skip, for example if you’re looking to put your skip on a public road. With our great knowledge of legal requirements, we will be more than able to help.

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