All About Our 10 Yard Skips


Here at Britannia Skips, we are pleased to offer a reliable skip hire service, including same day delivery. We provide skips for both domestic and commercial hire, and have a range of different skip sizes, including 4-yards, 6-yards, 8-yards, 10-yards, 12-yards, and 14-yards. Today we’re going to focus our attention on 10-yard skips

The Uses of Our 10-Yard Skips 

Our 10-yard skips are edging towards the larger size of skips on offer. We recommend 10-yard skips for activities including large building jobs or clearing a house. Although large in size, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for heavy materials. In fact, quite the opposite. Heavy matter will produce a skip that is much too heavy when filled to the brim, which could be a potential hazard. Smaller skips are best for materials like concrete and earth. Instead, a 10-yard skip is perfect for bulky yet lightweight waste, which is why it can be ideal for house clearance. 

The Specifications 

As you would expect, this sized skip has the capacity for 10 cubic yards of waste (which is around 7.5 cubic metres). To picture this, imagine around 120 to 140 bin bags of waste. Now, that is a lot of bin bags. In terms of its precise dimensions, it measures in at 79 x 67 x 60 inches. Thinking about this huge number of bin bags, you can see why it is the most common choice for house removals. Whilst these specifications mean more of a weight restriction that an 8-yard skip, the extra room makes it suitable for items such as old furniture, of which it can hold multiple items. 

What Else We Can Do 

As well as provide you with your 10-yard skip rental, we can also help you when acquiring the right council permit for the skip. Whilst you can place skips on the road, this permission is a necessity. If you have room on your property, then you are in luck as the requirements for skips on private property aren’t the same as those on the road. When in the road, skips must be covered at night and have a light attached. 

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If you would like to find out more about our 10 Yard skip hire services, whether domestic or commercial, please get in contact with us through our web contact form, or via email at Alternatively, you can speak to a member of the team directly by calling or either 020 8984 7323, 07877 065 540, or 07447 661 442. We will be pleased to assist with any questions you make have for us about your skip hire requirement

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