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There are many reasons why people may be looking to hire a skip. Perhaps you’re finally clearing those years of junk out of your house, or you’re a construction company overseeing a large-scale project and need to dispose of your waste responsibly.
Here at Britannia Skips, we aim to provide the best skip hire in East London, catering for all our customers’ waste removals needs, whether they are domestic or commercial. Here are five reasons you might need the services of a company like ours:

Domestic removal
If you’re moving belongings out of your property or looking to renovate your home, that can bring up a lot of waste that you’ll need to dispose of responsibly. If you need to move quickly, we can provide you with a same day skip delivery service, so you don’t get in trouble with the landlord or letting agency.

Garden waste
While domestic waste can be tricky, garden waste brings up its own set of problems. If you’re cutting down the trees in your front yard or have a lot of bushes to trim, these will need to be handled in an environmentally friendly way. We can dispose of your waste in a responsible manner, providing you with enclosed bins to protect it with the elements and making sure that it is recycled wherever possible.

Construction projects
For larger scale construction or demolition jobs you need a skip that’s capable of handling the heavy-duty commercial waste these enormous projects will generate. For this, we can provide special maxi skips, which are extremely spacious, durable, and able to stand up to the task. Of course, a skip is of limited use if it’s just going to be left blighting the area for a long period of time; that’s why we’re more than happy to collect the waste on request once your project has ended.

Office moving
Rather than knocking down or building a building, it may be the case that your office move is a good excuse for a spring clean. This might involve disposing of electrical equipment such as computers and fridges that needs to be handled carefully. With our experts on hand, we can advise you of the potential and propose the right solution.

Council advice
Whatever your reasons for needing a skip, it’s important to contact the local council in order to gain the correct licence permits to place your skip, for example if you’re looking to put your skip on a public road. With our great knowledge of legal requirements, we will be more than able to help.

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Here at Britannia Skips, we can provide all of these solutions to your problems and more. So, if you’re looking for excellent skip hire in East London by a friendly, professional team, why not contact us today? We’d be happy to discuss your individual requirements with you, offer you advice and make sure that you have anything you need to cater for them.

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