Domestic and Commercial Skips

When it comes to disposal of rubbish, being able to find a container large enough for your needs, a container that is sturdy and hardworking and a skip that can be hired within your budgetary constraints are all paramount considerations. But being able to discern what type of skip you need, domestic or commercial, and the size of skip you need, be it a 4 yards skip or an 8 yards skip, can be a difficult decision to make. Today we’ll be discussing the differences between domestic and commercial skips so, if you’re looking for skip hire in Dagenham or surrounding areas, read on to find out more!

Domestic Skip Hire

If you’re doing work on a residential property, it can be difficult to dispose of waste building materials that can accumulate as renovation goes on; repeated trips to the local waste management centre can be messy, time consuming and not very cost effective. Having a 4 yards or 6 yards skip positioned to-hand on your driveway or garden area can remove the worry of how you’re going to dispose of your garden or construction waste. Some of the more popular uses for Domestic Skips amongst our customers include landscaping, DIY and home renovations as well as customers who are moving house and are looking to reduce the amount of clutter and old belongings in their old home. Regardless, our skip hire in Dagenham and surrounding areas is perfect for any domestic residences looking to hire a waste container.

Commercial Skip Hire

Commercial skip hire is focussed mainly on commercial properties, generally where businesses are looking to renovate office space or have a need to consistently dispose of waste materials such as cardboard or other packaging. Our skip hire in Dagenham and surrounding areas caters for business and commercial needs, with waste containers spanning sizes from 4 yards to 14 yards, depending on budgets, availability and your needs as the client. 

Generally speaking, some of the more popular uses of commercial skips include small, medium or large construction jobs, demolition projects, refits and renovations or general business waste like product packaging. Being able to manage waste products on a professional level, always keeping the environment in mind, is essential for any 21st century business.When deciding what skip is best for you, you should always keep in mind what you’re planning to use the skip for, the amount of waste you have and how long you will need to hire it for. Our range of sizes and our expert advice will go a long way in helping you choose a skip, be it a 4 yards skip, an 8 yards skip or a 14 yards skip.

Choose Britannia Skips

If you’re looking for waste management services, then look no further than right here at Britannia Skips. Our expertise and experience in the industry places us in a prime position to service customers who are looking for skip hire in Dagenham and surrounding areas; our affordable prices and our ability to assist customers in acquiring skip permits, a necessity when hiring a skip for residential or commercial buildings, means you can rest easy in the knowledge your waste disposal is taken care of. You can browse our website for more information on the services we provide, and please don’t hesitate to contact us directly with further queries or for a quote.

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